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David W. James

“Caffeine Fuelled Creative”

David James


David James has been working with different clients, agencies, and studios as an illustrator and art director. He founded Coffee Ring Studio in 2016 in which he produces digital art, photography and layout design.

A problem-solver at heart, David believes that every creative challenge should be approached with a custom solution.

When not illustrating the next infographic or editing the latest batch of images, you can find him either enjoying the Rocky Mountains with a pack on his back or reading in the local coffee shop.



David has a variety of illustration styles and uses traditional and digital techniques to give all his illustrations a unique look. His work has been seen in in multiple publications, numerous websites and with clients ranging from The Bear radio station, the Canadian Dictionary of ASL and Komatsu.



Worth a thousand words and can deliver a message in seconds; photos are an essential element in a designer’s toolbox. Developing the right image for a specific project has a certain romance to it. David has been on photo assignments from warm tropical islands to the frozen arctic capturing images for his clients.

“It’s the adventurous part of the job.”


Graphic Design

Bringing all the pieces together on a layout. Seeing the hours of development from sketched squares on a rough wire-frame to the printed page or digital experience. Design never ceases to inspire.